Hair Stylists And Root Touch-ups

Hair Stylists And Root Touch-ups

More than 15 million Americans have their hair professionally colored annually. They seek the services of experienced and knowledgeable hair stylists and keeping up color requires regular visits. If you don’t plan on changing your entire color each visit, a hair stylist can just deal with root touch-ups. Here are a few of the ways they do just that. 

Why you might need root touch-up

If you have professional, all-over hair color, as that color grows out, you’ll need to have the root touch-up so that it continues to match the rest of your hair color. Your colorist will recreate the all-over color that was applied and apply it to your roots only. Once it’s set, you’ll be good to go with great looking hair. 

How much does it cost?

Professional hair coloring can get pricey but you get what you pay for. And what you’re paying for is a knowledgeable colorist who knows what he or she is doing to keep your hair healthy and looking great. You can expect to pay $100-$150 dollars or more for professional color. You could reasonably expect to spend half of that, give or take, on root retouching. 

Touch-up versus bleach retouch

If you’re using dark color to cover lighter colored hair or gray, a root touch up is all you need to get the job done. If you have naturally darker colored hair that you keep lighter, you’ll need a bleach retouch. Your colorist will need to add a lightener to remove the color from your roots before applying the correct color to blend your roots with the rest of your hair.   

How often will you need a touch-up?

Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. You can expect to need a root retouch roughly every month to six weeks. But, if you’re covering gray hair, it might be more often than that, perhaps every three weeks. Stylists know how much their services cost, and the best stylists will help you to make your color last as long as they possibly can.

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