Root Touch Up Done Right

Root Touch Up Done Right

You know it’s time for a root touch up when you have a few centimeters of uneven color in your hair. Perhaps you bought a box of color on your own to touch it up and didn’t quite like the way it set in. Fortunately, a root touch up is a service of its own because of the care and detail that goes into it. Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to touch up those roots.

Why Do I Need a Touch Up?

Simply put, a root touch up is done to disguise the hair that is growing out. It is a simple application of hair dye to the roots of the hair. Touching up your roots is now a service on its own because hair care professionals figured out it was easier to maintain the roots for a while until the hair was ready for a full color application once again. Root touch ups make your hair coloring last longer and are an inexpensive way for both men and women to cover the grays! Even if a person does not have full color applied to the rest of their hair, a root treatment may be all they need. 

How Often Should I Get a Root Touch up?

In general, a root touch up is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks. However, that depends on the growth of your hair. You will notice the contrast between your roots and your dyed hair, which indicates it’s time for a touch up. Your personal preference also plays a role in how often you need a root touch up Parker stylist to perform that treatment. One thought to consider is the color of your natural hair. Is your current hair color close or far from your natural color? In some cases, you can get away with a long touch up time if your natural color blends with your roots, even to some degree. But more often than not, when you see those roots, you probably shouldn’t wait too long to get an appointment


Should I Do My Own Roots?

You’ve probably seen those store-bought root touch up treatments on the shelves. Many of them claim to give you the best, long lasting touch up. A lot of these store bought brands may actually be beneficial to your root touch up. But what may interfere is the fact that you’re not a root touch up Parker stylist that has more hands-on experience in hair care. Touching up your own roots may seem like an easy task, but will always look better when a professional does them. You can, however, temporarily touch up those roots until you visit your stylist to get the real treatment. 

How to Have the Best Root Touch Up

First things first, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to take on the responsibility of touching up your own hair, if that’s the route you’re going to take. Coloring hair is an art, and as stated previously, requires skill and careful dedication to the process. Knowing your shade is the second most important thing to remember. Professional color is different from the dye you get from the store. Most of the time, when you buy a boxed dye, you’re looking at the color from inside of a store with disagreeable lighting. Your local salon has lighting that compliments your ideal color to avoid that after-treatment color shock.

If you choose to touch up your roots at home, keep it as a temporary solution until you find a stylist that works with you to give you the best, long lasting outcome. Our expert stylists at Obsession Salon have your root touch up waiting. Come in and meet the team or contact us today for your appointment!

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