What Are the 4 Types of Hair?

What Are the 4 Types of Hair?

This may seem like an odd question, but have you ever wondered what kind of hair you have? We don’t mean the texture or whether it’s brown or red. Each person, depending on their genetics, has a certain ‘hair code’ that makes it what it is today. To get the most out of your hair, the best Salon Parker stylist will help you understand a little more about your natural curl. Let’s take a look at what your hair could be. You may be surprised!

The Types of Hair

Generally speaking, there are at least four different types of hair (the hair that you were born with and not the hair that you would like to have or that you style every day.) Straight, curly, coily, and wavy hair arel the four different types you have probably noticed or have had at some point. You’ll take a flat iron to your hair to make curly hair straight. Perhaps you love the wavy look and use a crimper. But this still doesn’t change your true roots

  • Straight – Straight hair is just that. It’s straight! You may have noticed others have perfectly straight hair without a curl to be identified.
  • Curly – Curly hair has three distinct categories of curls, depending on the thickness and tightness of your curls. It could start off wavy but forming a loop. Curly fine hair you’ll notice has really big curls that are generally loose. This is usually not a difficult curl to style and manage daily. The second curl is a favorite and creates ringlets that are neither thick nor thin. And the third type of curl is coarse and thick, and has a sort of corkscrew structure. These type corkscrew curls are coarse and bouncy.
  • Wavy – Also categorized 3 ways, wavy hair also has three identifications from very light to rippling. Depending on the extent of your wave, you could have one of these three. The first wavy hair is connected to mostly straight hair that is two inches from the roots. You’ll start to notice the waves pick up towards the middle and end of the hair. Type 2 wavy is similar to the first but has more definition of a wave in the shape of an “S.” Type 3 has a definitive “S” pattern from the crown of your head to the ends.
  • Coily – again, three distinct coils make up this hair type known as kinky and can have a shape of an “S” or a “Z,” depending on the tightness and frizz. The first type is a definitive “S” shape that is wiring and texture. It is thin and delicate but appears to be thick because of its tightly wrung curls. The next type is a definitive “Z” pattern that can also appear thin or thick, depending on the texture of your hair. It is a soft-to-the-touch but fragile hair type that tends to break easily when combed through. The third coily type is made up of very tight curls that can be super coily and frizzy at the same time. These “Z” shaped curls give a natural afro and are tight to the crown.

Whether curly or straight, thick or thin, we all want nice, healthy and no-maintenance hair. But in order to achieve this, you must use shampoos and conditioners that match your hair’s properties. And finding the best hair treatments is a cinch when done by your best salon Parker stylist. Obsession Salon in Parker provides expertise and knowledge when it comes to your maintaining your mane. Book an appointment for your hair treatment or stop by and meet our team of savvy stylists today! 

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