What Happens During a Spray Tan?

What Happens During a Spray Tan?

Unlike traditional tanning beds, you can expect a spray tan to have a different process. You may have seen off-the-shelf self tanning products that gear towards that gorgeous radiant glow of even skin tone and color for months on end. These store bought products may be spray-on and cover evenly for a flawless glow, but you may not have the same experience each time. A spray tan is a sunless tanning method that provides a clean, smooth color on the skin. Here is how you can achieve a radiant tan without spending a minute in the tanning bed. Custom Spray Tans Parker salons can help you attain the most authentic looking tan for your skin tone. 

How it Works

MIllions of people are turning to spray tan because it’s more effective and less harmful than full-on sun tanning.  Almost anyone will admit that they look a little better with more color. Having a tan is a hot accessory, and it’s probably the least expensive. So how do you obtain a gorgeous tan year-round? By having the right resources, of course! You’ll get acquainted with a Custom Spray Tans Parker salon that you’re familiar with before you decide how it’s applied and what is used. You’ll get the most out of your spray tan if you work with a trusted professional who listens to your needs, rather than pushing you to do what they prefer. 

First, a fine mist is sprayed onto your body that interacts with your skin’s chemistry to cause the “tanning” effect. It usually lasts up to 7 days, covering all of your body from head to toe. You’ll enter a booth composed of several nozzles or jets that spray the tanning solution over your entire body. You can enter the booth completely bare, or use a swimsuit cover; it is entirely your preference. 

What to Expect At Your First Treatment

Spray tanning is an easy way to cover your body with an even skin glow. It’s completely effective for every skin tone, but requires a bit of adjusting depending on the skin tone. It’s a quick drying method of tanning, and is even all over. A Custom Spray Tans Parker expert will show you how to get the most out of your spray tan each time. Although the cost can be expensive, the salon expert can also show you ways you can prolong your tan. 

Prepping for Your Spray Tan

There are some things you can do to make your spray tanning session go much more smoothly. The tanning therapist may apply formulas to your face and body. If this feels awkward, just ask to apply it yourself. They typically know how this solution is best applied so you can achieve the best results every time, but they want you to feel more at ease first. Be prepared to remove the clothing you want, so you can get the full tan you intended. If you choose to wear shorts and a t-shirt, that will be the extent of your tan! Some salon experts may suggest standing a certain way to get the most out of your tan. Follow their lead as best as you can, and don’t be afraid to go with the flow. When it’s over, dress lightly and take the day off to relax. Don’t do anything that requires heavy labor or vigorous work, so you can enjoy a great, long lasting tan for weeks. 

Are you ready to get the best spray tan of your life? Don’t wait to schedule your appointment with our expert tanning team at Obsession Salon today!

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