What is an OLAPLEX treatment at a salon?

What is an OLAPLEX treatment at a salon?

All across the world, hair salons offer their clients a plethora of hair treatment options. From moisture to hot oil, there is nothing a good salon can’t provide you. And the right stylist will have the answers to all of your hair care problems. With all the hair care treatments and styles that are offered at salons, how do you know which one is right for your hair? 

What is an OLAPLEX Treatment?

An Olaplex treatment is a type of chemical treatment for dry or damaged hair. Those of you who frequently dye your hair can benefit from this treatment because it naturally restores the depth and look of your natural hair. The great thing about Olaplex treatments is that anyone can benefit from this, not just those with damaged hair. When you feel that your hair needs more lift and volume, and you have tried other treatments to no avail, olaplex will give your hair these, as well as the strength, shine, and color it’s lacking. 

How It Works 

There are two ways of getting an Olaplex treatment: Olaplex as a full treatment, or within a color.  Olaplex with color treatment is a two-step process. Instead of just getting your color and you’re all set, the Olaplex step 1 formula is added to the dye and then to your hair as it’s being colored.This first step helps alleviate the damage done when the color process begins. The stylist will then take you to get a shampoo and condition as usual after adding the Olaplex step 2 to your hair for 20 minutes longer. The 20 minutes ensures the chemical treatment will bond with your hair before the color treatment has any negative affect. Both of these steps play a major role in having healthier looking hair. 

Olaplex as a full treatment itself will require special care taken by one of your Olaplex treatment stylists. They’ll begin by completely covering your hair with Olaplex 1, ensuring that every strand is coated so the chemical process can begin strengthening each strand of your hair. This will stay on for five minutes before they cover Olaplex 2 treatment. The second step will cover your hair again for 20 minutes to ensure no broken bonds were missed. After 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition. And voila! You’ll have soft and shiny hair with a lot more strength than before!

Which Hair Care Treatment Do I Need?

While there are many hair care treatments on the market, each one has a unique purpose and targets a specific need. Moisture treatments, such as Olaplex, are great for deep conditioning and preventing and repairing damage. Let’s take a look at some of the other hair care treatment options you may be familiar with.

  • Keratin: these treatments have been around for over 10 years and are increasing in popularity. Keratin treatment has the ability to smooth hair frizz or even straighten curly hair. You don’t even need a flat iron! You can get a keratin treatment in two ways. One would be a basic smoothing treatment that covers the hair for a silky and shiny texture. This lasts for up to 6 months. The second is a popular treatment that keeps curls and frizz at bay for up to 3 months.
  • Relaxing treatments: these also fight frizz and give your hair a smooth and less curly look. Relaxing treatments take the frizzy curl out of your hair. This can last for months on end,  with careful reapplication.
  • Hair glossing: pretty self-explanatory, this treatment smooths the shaft by giving you a reflective sheen that lasts for weeks! It is applied during your shampoo and can be done on color-treated or normal hair.

Are you looking to try an Olaplex treatment or something new for your hair? Obsession Salon in Parker has Olaplex treatment stylists who know which treatment options will help you get the most out of your hair. Stop in today or call to make an appointment!

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