What kind of services do salons offer?

What kind of services do salons offer?

Salons and spas have come a long way as far as what services they offer to the public. More than just hair care,  many salons offer an array of custom services to fit the trends and local demographic. The kinds of services salons offer varies from region to region and almost always cater to the clientele. If you’re a salon owner, or you’re a customer looking for a salon, here are some services that can make a salon worth your time again and again.

Consider Your Clientele

Your region says everything about your salon clientele. Some towns have a large group of ladies – and men! – who have been in that town for many years, and let’s face it, they’re not changing a thing, no matter how many incentives you offer. And for clients in particular, that’s a huge asset! So, you may be looking to open a salon, move locations, change or add services, but are finding that your clientele isn’t all too keen on these ideas. Consider your demographic and what they are interested in. From there, expand the service selection, but maintain that steady beat of what’s flowing in your region and what keeps them coming back to you. 

Service With a Smile

You’ve heard it said,The customer is always right!” This phrase doesn’t necessarily reflect their knowledge about your business or experience, but more so the fact that they are always judging services based on their own needs. So, in a way, they are always right about what they want done to their hair. Most of the time, they just want a friendly smile and kind service. A survey suggests that 86% of one-time buyers turn into lifetime customers because of good service! They know that you know what you’re doing but are not quite sure when they’d like to do something different. So, keep it casual, friendly, and comfortable, adding friendly recommendations on each visit. From the chair to the reception desk, the entire salon staff should be welcoming and helpful at all times. 

Nails and Hair

Maybe you just offer nail services, or just hair. Maybe you’re offering neither, so as not to compete with your neighbors. Whatever the case, add nails and hair to your service. Women spend nearly $2,000 per year on nails and hair services alone. It’s a hot combo, and certainly worth the investment. What if you’re not a hair or nail service salon and you solely do massage or spa treatment? Outsource a hairstylist and nail tech to join your team. Not only will it expand your services to the public, but chances are, these two will bring their clientele along with them!

Location, Location, Location

When you find a salon that you love, you will drive a little further to be pampered there. However, if you live in an area with inclement weather or heavy traffic, such as Colorado, you’ll want a salon close to home or work. A women’s salon Parker studio should be in close proximity to exits and highways and convenient transportation. 

Look for the Basics

All good salons should offer the basic services – style, cut, and color. Basic services can also be shampoo and condition, hair extensions and relaxing treatments . Salons with all of these basic services reach a diverse array of customers.

The Other Section

From time to time, you’ll get phone calls for waxing, tweezint, treading, and hydrotherapy. While it may not be a main focus for the salon, offering this type of service is beneficial for reaching all possible needs. 

Obsession Salon is more than a Parker  women’s salon studio. Their friendly staff and exceptional service are the “root” of which they are! Relax in the hairdressing chair while we help you find your style! Contact us to book your session today. 

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