Which Hair Color is Best for Highlights?

 Which Hair Color is Best for Highlights?

Color highlights add depth and style to the hair. Nowadays, your highlights can be any color that is lighter than your own natural color. Even if your natural color is dyed lighter or darker, you can mix and match colors and types, from ombre to traditional. The most complimentary highlights are ones that bring out your features, such as your eyes and your cheekbones, as well as frame your face just right. The right highlights enhance your natural look, so it’s important to find the right color that will suit you.

The Many Faces of Highlights

Traditional highlights are what we know as lighter, complimenting strips of hair that offer dimension and enhance the natural look of our own hair color. But, there are many ways to enhance the look of your natural hair color by using different types of highlights. A hair color highlights Parker stylist should be able to tell right away what kind of highlight is best for your hair color. They offer these options:

  • Dimensional highlights – This uses a contrasting lighter or darker shade, which adds dimension to the hair.
  • Chunky highlights – Yes, they are back in style! They are much like traditional highlights, but are done in larger sections of the hair.
  • Baby lights – These highlights tend to mimic the natural soft color of children’s hair, and are considered a fine and subtle highlight.
  • Balayage – This means “to sweep” in French; this is a free-hand color painting technique, hand painted by your stylist.
  • Foil-ayage – Combining foil highlights with balayage, each section is wrapped in foils.
  • Sombre and ombre – A sombre is a darker definition of highlight, whereas an ombre provides a softer and lighter definition.

Which Highlight is Best for Your Hair?

Brunettes could choose natural colors that bring out a sun kissed appearance. Brown hughes such as coffee or bronze, or even dark blonde and auburn shades provide a great contrast that sets a warm tone for brown and darker hair.

Black hair would look beautiful with a shade that creates a radiant yet subtle vibrancy. Rich brown hues or creamy chocolate and golden brown pick up the natural hair color and enhance the depth of black hair.

Blonde hair is naturally highlighted, and the salon stylist would choose between platinum blonde to compliment cool skin tones or even golden blonde highlights that work with warmer skin tones.

Protecting Your Highlights

Now that you have this beautiful color definition added to your locks, it’s time to maintain the color as long as possible! Your hair color highlights Parker stylist should always give you some tips and even product options for keeping your highlights in their best natural condition. They will probably suggest a color-safe shampoo and heat protectant, and suggest waiting at least 70 to hours before a wash and shampoo. These shampoos and conditioners should be sulfate-free, as well as free of other known additives that strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. When showering, turn down the water temperature so it’s not as hot. Hot water will damage hair color and cause fading, because the hot water opens your hair cuticle and washes away the color almost instantly when you’re shampooing. Shampooing two to three times a week or every other day if absolutely necessary is recommended to protect the color of your hair. On the days that you don’t wash and condition, you may use a dry shampoo that is color-safe. Lastly, before using hot tools or styling products, use a heat protectant spray and leave in treatment to protect the hair color, so as not to damage the hair follicles. 

Your hair is an important accessory to your look. More importantly, your stylist should help you be comfortable in your hair color, whether it’s highlights or a whole new look. With each visit, Obsession Salon helps to create a unique look made just for you. Ask us about our highlight options today!

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